PS4 vs Xbox One: Similarities Between CPU and GPU Revealed, “Not Clones, But Related” says IHS


According to IHS, the firm specialize in video game research, the architecture of both Xbox One and PS4 is similar, however they are not clones of each other but are definitely related.

In a recent press release Andrew Rassweiler, senior director at IHS said: “It’s interesting that AMD has taken over the core central processing unit (CPU) and graphic processing unit (GPU) in both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This is a very different landscape from the hardware of just a few years ago, when IBM was dominating the core CPU slot in both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles.”

Rassweiler further went on to explain the similarities between Xbox One and PS4 with respect to hardware component such as GPU, CPU and more.

“Both chips are built in 28-nanometer-process geometry, have the same number of CPU cores, and possess similar silicon die surface area between the two, suggesting similar amounts of functionality and processing power. Even the net power requirements for the two consoles are very much alike, which further underscores functional similarity. The two consoles are not clones, but are definitely related,”

Steve Mather, Senior Principal Analyst at IHS later added commented on Microsoft’s Xbox One strategy to bring our living room experience at one place:

“The Xbox One is designed to serve as a beachhead in the home for Microsoft, with the console’s capability to interact with—and interface to—other devices, such as televisions, set-top boxes, smartphones and tablets. Gaining such a strategic advantage in the battle to control the connected home and Internet-enabled living room is well worth having the Xbox One act as a loss leader for Microsoft,”

Its really great to see so much similarities between Xbox One and PS4, but on few front Sony’s console outclass Microsoft and that’s where major difference lies.