PS4’s DualShock 4 Works With PS VITA For Remote Play, Sub Account Needed, Footage Released As Proof


The most talked about next-gen feature for Playstation 4 is Remote Play with Playstation VITA. It allow player to play PS4 game on PS VITA remotely.

PS VITA And PS4 Remote PlayHere is a new finding related to PS4/PS VITA remote play just discovered by YouTube user TheTrinityofwar. DualShock 4 controller can be used to play on PS VITA, and the only thing needed to do this is a sub-account.

TheTrinityofwar stated that when he used his main account, DualShock 4 controller was not working with PS VITA but as soon as he used his daughter’s sub account it worked wonderfully.

Take a look at the footage released TheTrinityofwar showing working of DualShock 4 Controller with PS VITA via remote play.