PS4’s Nioh is Coming to PC on November 7th


Nioh has been confirmed for a PC release. The PS4 game managed to stand out from the many Dark Souls inspired games that have been released in recent years. I originally picked up my PS4 strictly for Bloodborne and Destiny, but Nioh tempted me to part with my cash. I was glad I did, as I enjoyed the game’s twists on the Dark Souls formula and its stiff challenge.

The PC version will be called the Complete Edition and will include three pieces of DLC. If you have enjoyed Dark Souls on PC, then Nioh might be for you, offering punishing combat, plenty of loot, and a sharp fashion game. It also offers solid replayability due to its interesting mission system. I personally find the combat system to be one of the best the genre has to offer, although some of the boss fights can be intensely punishing affairs. Being able to change stances makes the combat very deep. It also features an excellent fatigue system that rewards skilled players.

Publishers Koei Tecmo have said the release will be digital only via Steam. It will support both 60 frames per second and 4k. The wording of their statement, which you can read below, makes it slightly ambiguous as to whether the game can do both at the same time.

The digital-only PC release boasts stunning high-resolution graphics over two modes as Nioh: Complete Edition can be enjoyed either on ‘Action Mode’, featuring a stable 60fps, or on ‘Movie Mode’, a cinematic option that can expand the display resolution to 4K. These new enhanced graphical modes bring the dark and beautiful world of Nioh to life like never before.

Koei Tecmo have yet to state a price, but the game will launch on PC on November the 7th.