PSN Down Immediately After PS4 Firmware 2.0 Launch, Error Code NW-31201-7 Reported: Updated


The first major firmware for PlayStation 4 has just released. It updates the console to version 2.0 and adds tons of exciting new features such as Share Play, USB Media Player, Themes, Pause Download and many other things. Did PlayStation Network sustained incoming load?


According to reports coming out from users on PlayStation forums, Reddit and other social media platforms, PlayStation Network is currently down, and as soon as they try to login an error message pops-up “NW-31201-7”

This is a widespread issue, you can check out PlayStation 4 owners confirming the outage at PSN. Tell us in the comment section below, are you guys facing any issue with PSN in your region?

Users Complaining About PSN Outage After Installing Firmware 2.0:

PSN Down After PS4 Firmware 2.0

Chris Owen, PlayStation Community Manager has admitted that currently there is some issue with PlayStation Network and engineers at Sony are already at work to fix it as soon as possible. Via Twitter, Chris Owen said:

There is a little bit of network instability at the moment, engineers are investigating.


PlayStation Network subscribers in Europe are able to Login to PlayStation Network