PSN Down, Undergoing Unscheduled Maintenance, Preparation for PS4 Firmware 2.0?


According to reports coming out from PlayStation 4 sub-reddit, it seems like PlayStation Network is currently down. As soon as players try to login to the PlayStation Network, an error message is generate which reads: “PlayStation Network is Down For Maintenance”.

This is an unscheduled maintenance and so lots of rumors/theory are floating, many states that this maintenance is in preparation for PlayStation 4 firmware 2.0. We have contacted our sources at Sony and will update this post as soon as we get to hear something from them.

“My mate and I are trying play destiny but it tells us we don’t have ps+…I recharged mine only a few months ago. But my friend is saying he has the same issue…and when I go to psn it says its under maintenance…” writes Reddit user carnifexmetal

There is a planned maintenance of PlayStation Network on Monday for Sever hours, and today’s unscheduled one definitely comes as a surprise to all PlayStation Network subscribers.

Tell us in the comment section below, is PlayStation Network Down in your region?