PSP2 To Get Touch Screen And More: Rumor

Rumors regarding PSP2 has beeen doing the round for long and now there has been a new addition to it, according to new rumor PSP2 has almost got finalize and will release soon but it won’t feature at E3 event. We have got our hand on to the details list of what PSP2 will be consisting of but how much it is true we are also not sure about it. We have listed it below for you to have a look at it.

  • Multiple British sources have confirmed that PSP2 NDAs have been in place at publishers and developers for many months.
  • PSP2 has two cameras, one forward and one backward facing.
  • It has a touch-screen, but apparently it has retained the trademark physical PlayStation buttons.
  • UK sources were previously working towards a “2010″ release. This is now “2011″.
  • “Could” be 3G-enabled, as opposed to the WiFi-only PSP go.
  • Multiple PSP2 games are being made in Britain right now. Some have even already been canned.
  • There have been “finished units” in the UK.
  • When asked directly about reveal timing, one source said, “If the games were aiming for end 2010, beginning 2011, and now it’s a 2011 release, I’d say a gamescom or TGS announce for launch early next year”.
  • A source said the machine is “fucking powerful,” being based on a four-core Cell CPU. PS3 runs on an eight-core version.

We notify you to take this information as rumor as there is still no official word from Sony.