PSX 2017 To Have Some Special Announcements, Big Reveal Made At E3 And Paris Games Week: Sony

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God of War: Ascension

PlayStation Experience 2017 (PSX) is just a few weeks away and Sony will surely try to end 2017 on a high note. However, there is a big doubt in the minds of PlayStation fans regarding big announcements – Is there anything big left that would really hype things up for PlayStation fans in 2018? This is a valid doubt considering the fact that most of the big PlayStation announcements have already being made at E3 2017 and Paris Games Week 2017 (The Last of Us: Part II new trailer, Sucker Punch’s new IP Ghost of Tsushima, just to name a few). How is Sony going to tackle this? It seems like they have already set-asides few Special Announcements for PlayStation Experience 2017 – and they confirmed it themselves via a recent post on PlayStation Blog about PlayStation Experience 2017 Panels.

PlayStation Experience 2017 Special Announcement Is Death Stranding?

In the post, Sid Shuman Director, SIEA Social Media admitted that biggest PlayStation 2017 announcements were revealed at E3 2017 and Paris Games Week 2017, but there is no need for fans to get dishearten for PlayStation Experience 2017 announcements as few Special Announcements have been kept aside for it.

“Though PlayStation’s biggest 2017 announcements were revealed at E3 and Paris Games Week, we’ve saved a few stocking stuffers for Friday night,” Sid Shuman said, “Expect to listen in on candid discussions with some of PlayStation’s top developers, get updates on key titles, and be a part of some special announcements.”

What I can make out of this message from Sid Shuman – Do expect select few major surprises and announcements at PlayStation Experience, don’t expect a lot of them. Last year’s event was one of the best PlayStation Experience – Sony reveals (debut/reveal) The Last of Us: Part II, The Lost Legacy DLC for Uncharted 4, Knack 2, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. Don’t expect this year’s event to carry these many major announcements or reveal.

What I am hoping to see at this year’s PlayStation Experience 2017 – A new trailer or gameplay of Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding, a short gameplay of Shenmue III, gameplay of Final Fantasy VII Remake First Episode, release date and the new trailer for God of War, Days Gone and Dreams.

What are you guys expecting to see at PlayStation Experience 2017? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.