PUBG Hit With 15,000 Negative Reviews On Steam

PUBG has been topping the Steam charts and breaking records recently, but all is not rosey in the land of chicken dinners. The game recently picked up about fifteen thousand negative reviews on Steam after advertising a third-party gaming VPN in China.

Players in China have had issues with lag on local servers and often find themselves forced to connect to Europe or North America to find playable games. This leads to its own problems for local players on those servers who complain about laggy connections from people connecting from outside the region.

The advertisements, which seem to have so badly annoyed Chinese players, are for a third-party product which promises to improve connections to international servers. The advertisements have gone down like a lead balloon, as players don’t want to be subjected to adverts in a paid game. Many also feel that lag problems on local servers should be addressed instead of forcing players to use a product that only has any benefit due to those problems in the first place.

PUBG’s developers Bluehole have yet to comment on the situation. The reviews section for the game currently comes with a warning, advising players of influx of negative reviews. The game’s overall rating on Steam now sits at “Mixed”.

PUBG Hit With 15,000 Negative Reviews On Steam

All this comes hot on the heels of Bluehole appearing to start a bit of a public spat with Epic Games over similarities between Fortnite’s new Battle Royale mode and PUBG. There are definitely some rather obvious similarities between the two and Bluehole have expressed concern about Epic trying to provide too similar an experience.

Bluehole have stated that they don’t wish to imply ownership over the BR genre of games. They just worry about player confusion due to certain elements of the Fortnite trailer and language used by Epic when discussing the game.

All in all, it has been a rocky couple of weeks for Bluehole and PUBG in general.