A Narrative Based PUBG Is On The Way, From The Man Who Created Dead Space


I’d have put good money on ten different companies trying to release a Battle Royale this year, but I wouldn’t have bet a cent on a company known for their Battle Royale game to make a move into narrative-based gaming. More fool me, it seems, as PUBG Corp has announced that they have set up a new studio called Striking Distance.

The new studio will be creating an original narrative experience within the PUBG universe and will be led by none other than Glen Schofield. You will more than likely know Glen because he created Dead Space, and also set up Sledgehammer Games, a studio which ended up working on Call of Duty. Not a bad career, all things considered!

This is a great move by PUBG Corp. In a world where a lot of companies will be looking to move into the BR space, it makes sense to understand that the genre hype cannot last forever, and use some of those profits to set up other projects with different long term goals. All we know so far is that the game will be a narrative focused experience set in the PUBG universe, thus basically a story-driven campaign. Will it explain how the world of PUBG got to where it is, with lots of people fighting it out over guns and bandages? I would certainly hope so.

The new studio will be based in San Ramon, California, and has a hotbed of developer talent to pull from. Schofield left Sledgehammer games in 2018, moving into an executive position at Activision before moving on from the company. It very much feels like PUBG Corp is trying to move into a new area, as Brendan Greene recently announced that he would be leading PUBG Special Projects, but would still be a consulting creative director on PUBG itself.

I do hope this all work well for all involved. Glen has been involved with one of my favorite campaigns in the history of this beautiful industry, and I really can’t wait to see what he comes up within the world of PUBG.