PUBG Desert Map Exclusive Weapon – Double-Barrel Sawed-off Shotgun


Bluehole has finally revealed when exactly the Desert Map for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is going to be available on Test Servers for testing. We all know that the development team deployed the second test build for Update 1.0 last week, and when the testing ended, Bluehole revealed that Desert Map for PUBG is going to be available in the next test servers along with a new weapon called Double-Barrel Sawed-off Shotgun (exclusive to Desert Map). Sadly, the exact time for the next round of testing.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Exclusive Weapon

The announcement of Desert Map availability in the next round of testing came via game’s official Twitter account. This is what the message from the development reads: “The test servers are now offline. Thank you for helping us test and for all your feedback. The desert map will be available in the next round of testing. Here’s a new weapon, exclusive to the desert map. We will keep you posted regarding the schedule.”

PlayerUnknown’s has promised to reveal the first-ever gameplay of Desert Map at The Game Awards 2017. The event is scheduled to go live on December 7 at 5:30 PM PST. So stay tuned.

Here’s your first look at the new Double-Barrel Sawed-Off Shotgun.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Desert Map Exclusive Weapon