PUBG On Xbox One Feels Like The Same Experience As PC, Desert Map Gameplay Coming On Dec 7

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is scheduled to launch on Xbox One on December 12 under “Game Preview Program” section which means a playable build of the game will release worldwide on Xbox One and from there on developer will periodically release an update to help build it out. There is a sort of confusion in the minds of PC players who will be buying and playing PUBG on Xbox One as well – and that confusion is – how the experience is going to differ when playing PUBG on PC and Xbox One (considering the fact that PC version has already received numerous update, whereas Xbox One build has started). PUBG Designer Brendan Greenee in a recent interview with our friend at GamesRadar address this issue and also talked about the Awards PUBG won at Golden Joystick Awards 2017.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Desert Map

When asked about how different PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is going to be on Xbox One? Brendan replied: “it feels like pretty much the same experience as PC”. The full statement of Brendan reads: “From all the fans I’ve met that have played at the various conventions, they’ve felt it really natural, and it feels like pretty much the same experience as PC. So they’re very happy with it.”

Brendan then talked about the Two Awards that PUBG won at Golden Joystick Awards 2017: Best Multiplayer Game and Best PC Game.

“We take it as a vote of confidence,” Greene explained. “We have a great plan for all we want to do with the game, and yeah, we have our ups and downs, but in general the team is so committed to just finishing the game. And awards like this and the numbers that we see are just kinds of a vote of confidence in that. And it really inspires the team to work that much harder.”

In another news, it was revealed by Geoff Keighley that the very first gameplay footage of PUBG Desert Map will be showcased on December 7 (next week, at The Game Awards). Geoff said: “Don’t miss the first-ever gameplay of the new desert map from @PUBATTLEGROUNDS live during @thegameawards on Thursday, December 7”. Sadly, no update was provided on when exactly the Desert Map will release. We expect to hear some words from Bluehole on the release date of Desert Map at The Game Awards. There is high chance that the map will release after the game makes it debut on Xbox One.

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