PUBG Latest Patch Degrades Performance, Players Report FPS Drops, Lag Looting Issues

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Bluehole recently released multiple small patches for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to improve the anti-cheat measures and to some extent they got successful. However, the latest update that was released a few days ago disrupted the performance of the game on PC and players are reporting massive FPS drop, Stuttering and many other issues.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds FPS And Stuttering Issue Post Patch

According to the details shared by Reddit user bennyh6813 – this main cause of this sudden performance issue in PUBG is “Themida”, a tool that is used to protect the executable file from tampering. This is what the complete message from bennyh6813 reads:

“The newest version of PUBG is packed with Themida. Themida is used to protect an executable from being tampered with. However, it is not good enough to stop cheaters. From the perspective of a reverse engineer: it’s really annoying but doesn’t really stop anything. I’m not really sure why they moved to this. Themida virtualizes code which results in around a 2.5-20% performance loss (leaning more towards 20% in this case).”

The good news for the PUBG community is that the development team behind the game is well aware of the issue and seems to have already started the investigation. Hope to see a fix soon.

When asked by a fan on Twitter: The game (PUBG) is literally unplayable right now… @poopieQueen Since the last Patch for the anti-cheat. Lag looting and Huge drops FPS? Sammie Kang – PUBG Marketing & Event Manager replied: “We are aware and will investigate soon”