PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Xbox Performance Issues

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The year 2017 was taken by storm when a game called Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds hit the Steam shelf as an early access game. The game still being in early access had a monumental success among the PC players. And now finally the game is coming on the Xbox console, as an early access game. This surely has made the console players excited for the game. But, at present, the Xbox players do not seem to be satisfied with the game as the game lacks a few features as compared to the PC version and has a lot of performance issues.

PUBG - Xbox One Performance Issue

Lets’ start with the performance issues.

The game runs absolutely terribly on the console as of reports. The graphics are not as they should be and look horrible. Most noticeably during the open lobby and plane drop sequence, the graphics are just terrible. The graphics look like the game is of the early 2000s instead of a modern 2017 title, with unacceptable frame rates.

In addition to glitchy graphics, the frame rates don’t hold up either. There are severe FPS drops in specific spots on the map, hitting as low as 20 FPS. In case of Xbox One X, the FPS is consistent for the most part but should perform a lot better considering the powerful hardware it packs. And as of the Xbox One, the FPS is around 30 on an average. In both the machines irrespective of the generation, a game like PUBG should run without any hassle, but because of poor optimization, the game is currently almost unplayable. Thankfully, an interesting fix has been discovered to get stable 30FPS performance on Xbox One X.

Moreover, VG247 suggests that the controller layout is not perfect and the buttons perform different tasks depending on the press duration. Which is not an ideal case for console gamers.

Now, keeping the glitches and graphics issues aside, let’s talk about the features that are just missing from the console version.


First, there is no control over the in-game brightness, as there is no brightness controller in the settings panel. The SDR and HDR settings create issues while locating enemies from far away or in dim-lit areas. Now, this creates a problem for console players as they won’t be able to see those enemies.


Secondly, there is no First person mode in the console version. The PC version offers both First person and third person perspectives. The third person perspective does offer a wider field of view and peeking advantage but, hampers the accuracy. This is where the first person perspective helps when it comes to improving accuracy.

Though the FPP mode was patched into the PC version of the game after the release of the game, that doesn’t give a proper excuse regarding why it has not been implemented in the Xbox considering that it exists and needs to be ported.


Proximity chat is an essential feature when it comes to games which implement the Battlegrounds concept. Considering the fact that the PC version already has the proximity chat feature, this feature should have also been in the console version, as there is no reason not in include such a basic feature.

As the game is still in early access the glitches are to be expected, though a bit serious in case of the Xbox as compared to PC. But, the missing basic features are a downfall for the game.

There is no confirmation as of now about the final release date, for now, the game will stay in preview mode, considering the glitches and hopefully, all the features will be added to the console version in the future.