R.U.S.E Manhattan Project Pack Now Available for Download

Ubisoft has announced that the Manhattan Project Pack for R.U.S.E is now available for gamers free of cost. Gamers can get their hand on the pack through Xbox Live, PSN or Steam.


Manhattan Project Pack for R.U.S.E consist of 3 multiplayer maps and 2 additional multiplayer modes. The new multiplayer modes will bring the armies in North African territories, Italy and in Holland. Check out the Details below:

  • Twilight of the Gods: North Africa, 2 vs 2
  • Vesuvio: Italy, 2 vs 2
  • Guns N’ Tulips: Holland, 3 vs 3

The pack will also affect the online mode of game,

  • “Nuclear war” will enable you to produce nuclear Long Tom cannons, with mutual nuclear threat involved.
  • In “Total War”, the battle starts in 1939 and History advances every ten minutes, unlocking new units and technologies.