Rainbow Six: Siege Season Two Teaser Image Released


Ubisoft keeps supporting Rainbow Six Siege with new content and operators, which makes its fans very, very happy even after a low-profile start on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. There’s a new rush of content coming as part of the second season pass, and even a tournament with $200,000 prize pool is about to kick off on February 3 in Montreal.

Rainbow Six Siege Season 2 Teaser

It looks like the first operator is from Spain and is called Mira. The operation is set to be called “Operation Velvet Shell” and is being teased on Twitter with the message (check out the tweet below) : In English, it says: “Let’s see what is hidden in the dark,” which could even be hinting at the specific skills of these operators.

Mira was already hinted at in a recent patch note, that said: “The team of engineers led by Elena ‘Mira’ Alvarez Del Manzano added a ballistic shield that protects the head from frontal shots. This shield can be destroyed separately from the rest of the turret. Mira was also tasked with adding a light customization on the Mounted LMG as a personal touch for Tachanka.” It’s so sweet, isn’t it?