Ratchet and Clank PS4 Pro Patch 1.06 Live, Runs At Locked 30FPS Not Due To Engine Limitations: Dev


Yesterday, Insomniac Games announced PlayStation 4 Pro support for Ratchet and Clank. In fact, Insomniac Games released a patch 1.06 which brings all PS4 Pro and HDR support to the game. However, one thing that did not go down too well with the PlayStation fans was the PS4 Pro version fo Ratchet and Clank will run at 30FPS. Before things went out of control, Insomniac Games’ Stevenson via Neogaf explained the reason behind sticking to the 30FPS figure and the technique development team used to achieve 4K resolution.

Ratchet and Clank PS4 Pro Runs At Locked 30FPS

Stevenson revealed that changing the frame-rate of Ratchet and Clank (on PS4 Pro) was never on the card, and the game has been designed to run at lock 30FPS.

“Temporal injection is a different approach ban checkerboarding to get to 2160p that gets you AA too. We think it looks better. The game is designed to run at a locked 30 so making frame rate changes was never in the cards. Sorry. The engine tech was developed on our current stuff first and then we ported it back here.”

When few users on Neogaf went ahead and raised a question mark on the capability of the engine that Insomniac Games used to port Ratchet and Clank on PS4 Pro, Stevenson clarified that the engine is very much capable of running at higher frame-rates.

“Yeah, our engine is certainly capable of high frame rates (see our Oculus titles at 90) — that said, Ratchet’s utilization and optimization of the PS4 hardware were dialed in for a locked 30, so the effort to re-architect that would be gigantic.”

He further went on to clarified that many PlayStation 4 Pro games comes with multiple FPS options (players can switch between 30FPS or 60FPS) such as Rise of the Tomb Raider, Ratchet and Clank does not offer any such service because right from the start the game has been designed to run at locked 30FPS.

“Keep in mind, Ratchet was in development way before PS4 Pro was a thing (or at least, one we knew about). It targeted the original PS4 exclusively and we pushed the system as far as we could. That’s a lot of stuff to unwind to suddenly support multiple resolutions / framerates / set-ups, especially if you’ve using all of the CPU and GPU on the reg PS4.”

So there you have it, folks, more power does not necessarily mean everything will be higher side. Time and again you have been informed that it is all up to the developers to decide how they want to utilize the power of PS4 Pro, and locked 30FPS is what Insomniac Games decided for Ratchet and Clank on PS4 Pro. So instead of criticizing them go play it first.

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