Real Heroes FIREFIGHTER Announce for Nintendo Wii

Real Heroes FIREFIGHTER a very first self published game title from Creative Distribution has been announced. The game will be available for the gamers in September, however the exact release date is yet not out. Real Heroes FIREFIGHTER will be an exclusive game title for Nintendo Wii.

Kevin Young, Bussiness Manager said, “We’re highly excited to be bringing this game will appeal to such a large audience and being a being a firefighter is a unique proposition in gaming, it’s an inspirational and highly positive experience”.

About Real Heroes FIREFIGHTER:

In Real Heroes FIREFIGHTER gamers will be allow to pick up a hose and step into the boots of a probationary firefighter. Using the motion control technology of the Wii, gamers will wield hoses, axes, the jaws of life and more tools of the firefighters trade in order to extinguish fires and save lives.