Remedy Clarifies Quantum Break Win10 Support: “Apologies, Not Leaving One Version Behind For Another”

Quantum Break

A few days go, Remedy PR head Thomas Puha stated on Twitter the Finnish developer would not support the Windows 10 Quantum Break version anymore, after a Steam and retail release was announced for September 14 in partnership with THQ Nordic and Microsoft Studios. Anyway, he reached Twitter back to discuss his previous statement, clarifying the meaning of what he said and renewing Remedy’s support to Windows 10 version.

Quantum Break

“Clarifying that, of course, updates made to QB on Steam will also be released for the Win10 version and vice versa. That should be a given,” is his first tweet about this topic, after he said he should not discuss such matters on social networks.

Then, he added that parity is an important matter for Remedy, and that the Alan Wake developer would never do something like that, basically abandoning to their own fates people who have invested money on their games.

“Apologies for the confusion caused. We are not leaving one version behind for another. Parity is important. Again, I’d think thats a given.”

Good news, of course, for gamers in the end. Windows 10 Quantum Break version already released in such a messy state, that would be an unforgivable mistake from their end to completely ignore the Windows Store build in terms of updates and patches. Moreover, although there’s not been any comment upon this, there could be some story based DLC on its way.