Remedy Comment On Alan Wake 2: “Definitely Love To Do, Looking Into Possibilities And Opportunities”


Remedy Entertainment’s Sam Lake recently provided an update on the next installment in Alan Wake series, Alan Wake 2, and its not a good news because it seems like there isn’t any progress on the series to announce yet.

Alan Wake 2In a recent interview to Polygon, Sam Lake was asked to comment on Alan Wake 2, here is what he said:

“We are constantly looking for opportunities and talking about possibilities to see what we can do with Wake. I would definitely love to do more Wake, but it needs to be something we absolutely feel is right for Wake, and that the bar is high enough that it will be cool.”

“Not just doing at the cost of doing something which isn’t as cool as it should be. So… time will tell.”

Alan Wake 2 for Xbox One launch title would have been a cool idea but development team at Remedy Entertainment started working on Quantum Dream, a brand new IP based on a TV series of the same name.