Report: Xbox 360 to get full 3D support

Accroding to reports coming out from Eurogamer, at E3 2011, Microsoft will announced that Xbox 360 will be receiving full stereoscopic 3D support.

The console already runs number of 3D titles for example Treyarch’s COD: Black Ops and Crytek’s Crysis 2, but until now they haven’t run on true stereoscopic tech. This new update for Xbox 360 will enable the console to output full 720p image to each eye.

Xbox 360

An anonymous source said, “The machine is not only very capable, it’s more capable than the PlayStation 3 of doing stereo,”

[That’s] assuming you don’t have one of the old crappy ones with the composite leads… assuming you have a HDMI Xbox.

“The bottleneck is more on the graphical throughput for rendering out in stereo. E3 is coming up. Microsoft is going to have to go on stage to say something, aren’t they?”