Resident Evil 7 Demo Is About 20 to 30 Minutes Long, Has Multiple Endings


Capcom surprised everyone with a Resident Evil 7 reveal and demo now available on PlayStation 4 for PlayStation Plus subscribers, a move that clearly reminds us of what Konami and Hideo Kojima did at last Gamescom with Silent Hills’ demo P.T.

Resident Evil 7

This isn’t the only aspect that reminds us of P.T., anyway. The game is now a first person psychological survival horror, which is pretty different from what the series has used us to, and is supposed to be Capcom’s response to fans asking a reboot and return to the horror roots that made the franchise so popular.

The demo is very short, according to reports it’s about 20-30 minutes long, but it gives us an idea of what to expect in January when Resident Evil 7 officially releases (on PC and Xbox One as well). It is set in an unprecised European country.

More importantly, it looks like the demo has three different endings for players to embark on depending on which puzzle they decide to solve. It seems there are even three endings, which is pretty impressive for a single demo, and really gives us an idea of what’s coming for a Resident Evil game that could finally stand alongside masterpieces as Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 2 when it comes to quality.