Resident Evil 7 TGS 2016 Information Blowout With Story And Gameplay Details

Lots of Resident Evil 7 news are slipping from Tokyo Game Show 2016, where the game has been among the most promoted and appreciated by fans. First, a new extended demo is now available to all PS4 users, and it’s called Twilight. It allows you to explore more areas in the Beginning Hour’s mansion.

Resident Evil 7

Moreover, digital deluxe version price has been increased by 10 dollars from $79,99 to $89,99 on North American PlayStation Store. Price is increasing because a new extra episode is being added to the two which were already included in the season pass.

Resident Evil 7

Then, we have a chance to take a look at this artwork. Not all the characters depicted there are going to be featured in the game, but a few of them will. Camille Baker is on the far left and, despite the appearance, she’s still alive although very old. You’ll meet there when awakening in the mansion. Then, next to her, you can see Lucas, Jack and Marguerite, with Andre who’s possibly not making it to the final game.

Gamescom demo, called Lantern, featured another character called Mia, who’s said to have a close relationship with protagonist Ethan. We’ll see what that relationship is like in the final Resident Evil 7 game.

Interestingly, there will be “memory sequences” which players are going to look at via video tapes and “other methods”, while mindless zombies won’t be around as in their place we’ll often meet named enemies and bosses. There will be a ghost hunt for a mysterious girl spotted in the swamps, and in the first few hours you’ll have a crude weapon that you’ll be replacing soon with a knife.

Resident Evil 7 is releasing on November 24 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.