Resident Evil 7 VR Will Make The Hairs On Your Neck Stand Up, “It’s Too Real, Creepy and Scary As Hell”


Resident Evil franchise is returning in big way with Resident Evil 7. At E3 2016, Capcom announced Resident Evil 7 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and went ahead to release a playable demo of it for PlayStation Plus subscribers. The taster was as creepy as hell and it brought back the feeling of a vintage Resident Evil games that fans loved the most.

Resident Evil 7

This playable demo of Resident Evil 7 was not the only thing that gave people goosebump and creepy feeling, PlayStation VR version of Resident Evil 7 (that was playable at Capcom booth at E3 2016) was even better and people who tried it felt motion sickness and experienced nausea.

Capcom has shared a new Resident Evil video on game’s official YouTube channel showing the impression of players who played VR version of the game at the event. One of the player said:

“I think it’s too real. I played all Resident Evils, I beat them all. I’ve been playing since i was in the single digits, it was actually scary and I was screaming I wanted to fight. Definitely I don’t want to play it alone at night at home”.

The other one added:

“Oh man I love it. I am a horror movie guy, when this game comes out you wanna go get this one because if you like the hairs on the neck stand up or to jump out of your seat, it’s going to happen. I mean I turned around and saw something that wasn’t there but then it was there and I’m like Oh”

Watch all the impressions in the video below.