Respawn: “Biggest Update For Titanfall Is On The Way”, Official Reveal Today At 10AM PDT


Respawn Entertainment has just announced via Twitter that they will reveal details regarding “Biggest Update” for Titanfall later today. It’s good to see Respawn Entertainment still supporting Titanfall and will update considering the fact that IMC Rising Map pack, the last piece of DLC already out.

The reveal will take place exactly at 10 AM PST/5 PM UK at Twitch. What this update will include is anyone’s guess, but past few weeks there have been rumors in the past that Titanfall will soon be getting “Horde Mode”. Also, some files for “Frontier Mode” were also discovered, but nothing is confirmed as of now. Wait for some more hours for official announcement to take place.

Tell us in the comment section below what you guys are expecting from Biggest Update for Titanfall?

Titanfall received mixed response at launch, we awarded it 7/10: “Titanfall stands tall on many fronts such as addictive gameplay, piloting Titans, ability to run and jump along the walls and other things. However lack of content, less than stellar graphics/visuals and lacklustre online campaign puts a big question mark on all hype/excitement. Another worrying factor for Titanfall is Longevity because that special feeling about playing it will disappear soon.”