GTA V Dev Comments on Grand Theft Auto Online Exact Launch Timing Queries: Update

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The online multiplayer portion of Grand Theft Auto V titled as “Grand Theft Auto Online” is schedule to go live on October 1 for PS3 and Xbox 360, however exact timing of release is not known to anyone of us.

GTA Online

This is what a representative of Rockstar Games replied when quizzed about when exactly GTA Online will go live on October 1.

“In the meantime, we know there are lots of other specific questions – we can’t yet confirm precisely what time on October 1st it will go live or any other specific details, but please stay tuned as we’ll have more information to provide before launch.”

Stay tuned to Gamepur guys as Rockstar Games has promised to unveil these details in coming days. Grand Theft Auto Online will be free for customers who already bought a copy of GTA V. It can be accessed from the character selection screen during the single-player campaign mode.

UPDATE: Rockstar Games has just shared the exact release time of Grand Theft Auto Online. You can read the details HERE.