Rockstar To Reset All GTA Online Players Account on Oct 8: “Stats and Level will be Erased”

GTA Online

It seems like Rockstar Games will erased all players account in GTA Online on October 8, 2013 i.e Tomorrow, as per the details in an image of an apparent conversation between Rockstar and a GTA Online player that surfaced on internet just few minutes ago.

GTA OnlineWe have no idea whether this image and conversation is LEGIT or FAKE (probably looks FAKE to me as there isn’t any official source link to this conversation), we left it to you to decide. Rockstar Games rep informs player that all character levels will be reset on 08/10/2013 at 12pm, but all cash that has been accumulated will still be available.

Let us know in the comment section below, whether you guys have came across any such news via any source.

Officially Confirmed as FAKE:

Over on the Rockstar support forums Rockstar have confirmed there is no plans to reset character data