Rod Fergusson: Next generation console “should really step up their game”

An open challenge to Sony and Microsoft from Gears of War 3 producer Rod Fergusson, step up the next generation console game.

In an interview to Nowgamer, Rod Fergusson said, “The way I interpreted our demo [at GDC] was almost a dare to the hardware manufacturers as like ‘this is what we want next-gen games to look like!’”, refering to the Unreal Engine 3 demo that was shown at GDC 2011 (You can watch the demo here).

Unreal Engine 3

“We think this is where gaming should be and when we look to the future we don’t see an ability to do this on console so we’re saying you should really step up your game, or do you want it to be owned by the PC?”

“We’re saying [consoles] should really step up their game”

He further added: “Imagine Gears with that kind of fidelity. It would be awesome. And that’s the thing about us: it’s about the detail in our Gears world and being gritty – not clean or shallow. I think that level of detail with depth of field and post-processing, it’s all there. I’d love to have that for Gears.”