Rumor, does Destiny 2 will have a New Ship Type


A Reddit user ZeroDegre shared info about the upcoming online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game Destiny 2. This can be a rumor also, there is a new ship type spotted by the user on the Beta Access picture of the game. The links shared by him are images of the title artwork that hints towards the new ships in the game.

The game release date is 8 September 2017, and yet there is not enough info about the in-game content. There is quite a long time left for the final release, you can see three pictures below shared by the Reddit users.

Destiny 2Destiny 2Destiny 2

The first one shows a visible cockpit, while the second shows Phaeton class ship and the last one a much more detailed image of Phaeton V1 Jumpship. It is quite interesting to find the game will have a unique set of ships.

Source: Reddit ZeroDegre