Runes of Magic Celebrates First Anniversary

Just in time to celebrate the first birthday of Runes of Magic, on March 19, 2010, Frogster today announced that the popular free-to-play online role-playing game has reached a major milestone: Three million registered users in North America and Europe. Players on 23 servers in six different language versions have experienced more than 500 million quests in the fantasy world. The Berlin-based localization team has translated more than 4.5 million words for the quest driven online game.

Whether in North America, the UK, Spain, France, Germany, or Poland, the desire for a shared gaming experience is the same in every country, as players have joined together to form guilds, build their own castles, go into battles against other player groups and overcome sinister boss opponents. Over 7.5 million of these dangerous creatures have been defeated in one year by brave adventurers using their united powers.

The Demon Lord, the powerful top villain of the first two chapters, has had his wings clipped just 24 times. On the three million accounts for Runes of Magic fans have created approximately six million characters. Attempts by so-called ‘Gold Sellers’ to endanger the game economy were dealt with severely by Frogster’s Support department: in the past four months alone, more than 15,600 illegal sellers have been permanently excluded from the game. A video which is being released today, presents a round-up of the Runes of Magic feature palette which has been regularly expanded with free updates on a monthly basis.