Ryse: Son of Rome New Build with 85K Polygon Looks Much Better, Comparison GIF Show Startling Difference

Ryse: Son of Rome

Crytek recently confirmed that upcoming Xbox One exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome has been downgraded from 150k triangle count per character to 85k triangle count per character. Check out the two slides from Crytek below confirming the downgrade.

RYSE: Son of Rome

So how does the new build of Ryse: Son of Rome now looks as compare to old build. To tell you guys the truth, with this downgrade Ryse: Son of Rome is looking even more better.

Check out the comparison screenshots below-detailing everything, for a moment you won’t believe your eyes what you are seeing.

Ryse: Son of Rome New buld with 85k polygon has better skin shader, texture and lightning as compared to old build with 150K polyon.

Ryse: Son of Rome New buld with 85k Polygon vs Ryse: Son of Rome Old Build with 150K Polygon:


For more details take a look at the footage below: