Ryse: Son of Rome Old vs New Build Comparison GIF Show Improvement in Cloth and Splash Water Physics

Ryse: Son of Rome

Crytek’s upcoming Xbox One exclusive game Ryse: Son of Rome is getting bigger and better with each passing days.

RYSE: Son of Rome

We just came our hands on two GIFs related to the game showcasing massive improvements in graphics/visuals department betweet old and new build.

Ryse OLD Build GIF: The first GIF showcase the old build clothing physics system. Take a look at it below (do take a look at the waterfall).

Ryse: Son of Rome GIF 1

Ryse New Build GIF: The second GIF shows new clothing physics system, with splash physics added to water (it look really amazing).

On comparing both GIFs, the difference in splash physics added to water is clearly visible.

[GIF Deleted]