Here’s how to find all the purple coins in the Sand Kingdom


The Sand Kingdom is the first of many large kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey. It is filled to the brim with secrets, collectables, and platform challenges for the player to explore and conquer across the sprawling desert.

Most of the purple coins will not be available until players complete the story mode, so if you want to collect everything, be sure to beat the main boss of the kingdom before you start.

1) On the path towards the town, you can find two shards just above a nearby cliff from the Odyssey.

2) There are multiple coins situated around the town either on the main roofs, behind houses, or in fountains. Here are all the pictures of coins available in this one area. We have tried to include a picture of the Odyssey or relevant landmarks in these pictures to make it easier to know where they are.

There is a total of 23 purple coins in the town alone.

3) In the rocketship minigame above the town, players will be able to find a total of five purple coins while going through the course.

4) To the southeast is an oasis. After completing the main store, players will be able to grab the four coins in the now defrosted lake.

5) On the opposite side of the map (southwest) follow the edge of the map from the Odyssey. It won’t be long until you notice a few coins off the cliff into oblivion.

6) After leaving the town, players can travel north towards the runs. The ruins has a few coins hidden for those who know where to look. The first is just by the entrance before heading right towards the Bullet Bills.

7, 8) The next of the purple coins are located in the two 2D puzzles. The first ones are obvious and can be seen when approaching the pipe for the first time. The second lot are hidden in a secret entrance.

9) A total of four coins are hidden in the screw puzzle in the quicksand. Just fall into the center of the sinkhole and follow the linear path to find them.

10) Just under the tower, down below the Sphynx is a secret tunnel system, an alternative way to get to the tower from the opposite side of the structure. Three coins hide at the end of the tunnel.

11) When going across the bottomless pit by using the floating platforms atop the tower, players will notice a few purple coins just at the end of the stage. Grab them quick and then jump to safety.

12) After getting across the pit, players will be able to notice a few coins just above the poison lake. Use the nearby stone creatures with Cappy’s capture ability to safely collect them.

13) After collecting all five of the moon shards, players will be able to go over another section of moving platforms. Just to the right of this is a drop leading to a secret room. This room houses another puzzle that players can complete for a moon. You will see four coins along the way.

14, 15) In the large structure located to the northwest of the map, players will discover another secret puzzle room that tasks the player with flying a Bullet Bill through a maze.

Before entering, go behind the structure to find a set of coins hidden in the wall.

When you enter, you will be greeted with a split in the path in the first section of the puzzle, go in the right narrower path to find the coins.

16) The northernmost point of the map hides three coins placed on top of a slanted pillar.

17) Off to the east of the map hides a poisonous lake with four coins just in the centre of it. To get these coins, players will need to jump on the Jaxi creature in town and ride him over the lake to grab them.

18) After collecting the coins in the lake, use the Jaxi to enter the nearby ruins entrance. Players will then be tasked with a hard challenge to get from one end of a course to the other. There are a total of seven coins spread out across the map for players to grab.

19) Inside the inverted Pyramid is a 2D puzzle. When players reach the end of the puzzle they will be able to exit and continue the level normally. Stop first, however, and use a few hidden blocks to reach the three coins hidden right above the exit.

20) Behind the battle arena where players face the purple Broodal are three coins just waiting to be taken.

21) The last of the coins are hidden in the underground section where players face off against the Relic boss. They are easy to find and can be picked up on the way to the exit.