Sandbox Adventure Game Ylands hits Steam Early Access


Bohemia Interactive, the studio behind such titles as the Arma series and DayZ, has released a new game into early access on Steam. Ylands is a polygonal adventure game that is focused on crafting, exploration, and creation.

Judging by the teaser trailer above, Ylands certainly offers a different look from a studio that’s known for its realistic graphics and environments. Targeted at a more cooperative experience, where creativity rules the world, Ylands hopes to impress by combining beautiful polygonal graphics with solid gameplay mechanics.

Ylands lets you live your childhood fantasies and embark on exciting new adventures. You can switch seamlessly between single and multiplayer modes, while exploring uncharted Ylands, laying siege to castles, engaging in naval battles, taking part in car races, crafting monumental structures or quirky creatures. Another powerful component of the game is the Ylands Editor. This turns Ylands into something that is not only a sandbox game, but also a platform for creating your own scenarios or games […]

One area that Bohemia has been very successful in in the past is the area of custom mods. Ylands will support user created mods via the Steam Workshop, which should greatly expand on the replay value and variety offered by the game.

Ylands‘ release comes at a great time where Bohemia Interactive is running a weekend sale from December 7th – 11th. This means that you can currently pick up Ylands on the Steam Store for a mere $15. Other Bohemia titles are discounted up to 80%, including Arma 3 and DayZ, which can be had at a bit of a discount at the moment.