Scalebound: Hideki Kamiya Furious About Microsoft’s Marketing For Gamescom 2015

Xbox fans all over the world are eagerly waiting for Gamescom to begin in order to obtain new details about some of the games they love: Quantum Break, Crackdown and… Scalebound. But, according to Hideki Kamiya, Microsoft’s media briefing isn’t working properly for its long awaited, dragon-based action adventure title.

Xbox One

According to the now removed tweet you can see below, Kamiya openly said: “Those shits at MS… are they f***ing with me…?”.

Kamiya Tweet Against Microsoft for GamesCom 2015

Then, a second tweet was issued, where Kamiya stated he basically is not happy about the way Scalebound is going to be treated during Microsoft’s press conference at Gamescom:

He would prefer to “go for users”, if he “were to go to Gamescom”. Platinum Games’ developer is indeed a bit uncomfortable when it comes to appear in public, so from here it could derive this rage.

Later on, Kamiya kept insulting everyone was going to ask him more about what he said in his previous tweets, like this: