SCS Software Shows Off Bella Italia’s Industry


Euro Truck Simulator 2 continues its expansion across the European continent with Bella Italia, the upcoming Italian DLC. Though it’s not scheduled for release until sometime in December, SCS Software continues to feed us sneak previews of what to expect.

Bella Italia Industries

When it comes to the variety of items to haul across the countryside, Euro Truck Simulator 2 does not disappoint. In addition to a huge variety of community mods, SCS Software has been continually expanding the variety of cargo. The upcoming DLC expansion into Italy opens up the possibility for a few new, location specific cargo options. Truckers will be able to haul trailers carrying some of Italy’s most well-known goods.

Local industries and their demands in our games must at least partially reflect the real industry in a given country. Some of the cargoes you will be transporting include, for example, typical Italian scooters.

Marble Quarries

SCS Software Shows Off Bella Italia's Industry
Carrara Marble QuarriesSCS Software • Fair Use

When you think Italy, you think Roman ruins, followed by impeccable Marble. So it goes without saying that truckers will make frequent stops to quarries producing Marble. Judging by the screenshots provided by SCS Software, visiting these quarries will be more than just a drive to pick up cargo. The environments look stunning! This particular quarry is modeled after the real life Carrara Marble Quary.

Steel Factories

SCS Software Shows Off Bella Italia's Industry
Steel Plant at TarantoSCS Software • Fair Use

Bella Italia will also feature a faithful recreation of Europe’s largest steelworks, the Taranto Steel Plant. I wouldn’t be surprised if a great number of truckers get lost just navigating this gigantic location.

December can’t come fast as enough, as seeing screenshots of all these great new locations, including the stunning architecture, is making my feet reach for the pedals under my desk. Italy is coming, and I’m ready for Euro Truck Simulator 2 Bella Italia.