No Pay To Win Microtransactions In Sea of Thieves


After the Star Wars Battlefront 2 microtransaction controversy, a lot of game developers have become sceptical about implementing the pay-2-win microtransaction method. In the recent news, the Xbox title Sea Of Thieves has come to the highlight regarding their comment on the microtransactions which are present in the game.

Sea of Thieves - No Pay To Win Microtransaction

An interview was conducted by Windows central at E3 this year in which they interviewed Joe Neate and Gregg Mayles of Rare. Now, according to Windowscentral’s interview Rare the game will develop and evolve as time goes on, and it will have future DLC however, Rarely does not have a full business model at hand and they are sure that they will continue developing with any sort of microtransaction.

But, a Reddit user by the name of Vok250 mentioned that the game will have microtransaction, but those will be of the cosmetic kind, like skins and won’t interfere with the game’s progression. He also added that the game’s ranking up system depends on the cosmetic changes you make, up to some extent, thus making the cosmetics only microtransaction not completely fair.

Check out the official PC system requirements of Sea of Thieves and tell us in the comment section below – whether or not your Rig will be able to play the game.