Here’s how to find all the purple coins in the Seaside Kingdom


The Seaside Kingdom is a tropical paradise island. It is the second water level in Super Mario Odyssey.

One hundred coins hide in the vast ocean surrounding the Seaside Kingdom, so getting a Cheep Cheep will be vital in collecting them all.

Like with most kingdoms, some coins can only be found after completing the main story quests, so be sure to start your search after beating the end-level boss.

1) The first set of coins is on top of a nearby ledge, right next to the Odyssey.

2) Over near the resort area in the southwest is a bunch of coins near the structures and in the water. The first few can be found in a small pond area beside the stairs.

3, 4, 5) A large amount of coins can be found around the volleyball net. Some in the water and in the air.

6) Just before leaving the small resort area to head towards the lighthouse, players can find some more coins hidden underwater.

7) On the slope leading up to the lighthouse is a bunch of coins in an underwater tunnel.

8) A few coins are hidden inside the lighthouse itself on the ground floor.

9) A few coins are also hidden in the small drop between the lighthouse’s islands, just below the spiky rock obstacles.

10) On the small islands besides the lighthouse are a few purple coins. Players can easily jump up to them and grab them.

11) Dive into the water tunnel near the lighthouse and go through the course as usual. You will notice a few purple coins on your adventure.

12) In the 2D puzzle, located in the centre of the map under the water, are three purple coins. Use a red Koopa shell to kick open the block to access them.

13) Three purple coins await you underwater, just southeast of the large chalice.

14) In the dead centre of the map, players can find an underwater entrance with a few purple coins inside.

15) To the north of the map behind the chalice are four coins. You can find them surrounding the nearby air bubble dispenser.

16) In the underwater section to the north, where players can find the kingdom’s Sphynx, a few purple coins can be found next to some coral.

17) Near this underwater section is a wall covered with various holes. One of them houses three purple coins.

18) After collecting the purple coins in the cheese-wall, players can find another three coins just south of it, under the seaweed.

19) In the northeast part of the kingdom, behind the small island, is a hidden tunnel system in the wall under the water. Swim down and swim up the tunnel system to find the coins.

20, 21, 22) There are a bunch of purple coins hidden in the water and nearby the umbrella and barrels on the small island located to the northeast of the map.

23) A small selection of purple coins can be found in the pathway in the east that links the small island in the northeast to the mainland in the south. These coins are underwater on the eastside of the pathway.

24) A few coins hide underwater, just northeast of the Odyssey. Three Cheep Cheep guard it, making the coins easy to see above the water.

25) Just north of the Odyssey are a bunch of coins in the water, on top of a small rock.

26) Just east of the Odyssey beside a bunch of pirate Goombas are three coins hidden in the cliffside wall.

27) In the most southeast point of the map are three purple coins in the water, just before players begin their climb up a nearby obstacle course.

28) Heading up the obstacle course to the southeast, players will easily notice three coins hidden in one of the walls.

29) The last of the coins are on a ledge were players climb the mountain path to the southeast of the kingdom. They are just behind the gate leading to the moon.