SGDQ 2017 concludes after raising $1.75 million for charity


After a week of non-stop video game action, the world’s premier speedrunning marathon came to an end Sunday morning.

SGDQ is one of two speedrunning marathon events that happen twice a year. The marathons showcase some of the best speedrunning games over a week, asking viewers to donate to a good cause. The GDQ events are some of the world’s biggest speedrunning events that bring in millions of dollars for charity each year.

This year, 142 games were played over the past week by multiple speedrunners, with the marathon exceeding 200,000 concurrent viewers throughout the stream’s lifetime.

But what’s even more impressive is that SGDQ 2017 raised just over $1.75 million for charity. Although this is obviously a lot of money, this was the first time since SGDQ 2015 that a GDQ marathon failed to beat the previous event’s total donations—AGDQ 2017 raised roughly $2.2 million.

Earthbound was the final game at this year’s event, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Speedrunner “Ultimolce” played a fantastic game, entertaining the large crowd that had gathered for the finale. He even had a perfect boss fight—one that he said was the “best of his life” and would probably never happen again.

With SGDQ 2017 behind us, the speedrun community will be looking forward to AGDQ 2018, which is set to take place in January 2018 at an unannounced venue.