Shadow of Destiny for PSP

Shadow of Destiny release for PSP is announce today. Shadow of Destiny which was initially released for Playstation 2 is now also available for PSP in North America. This announcement for the release of Shadow of Destiny for PSP comes from Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. Shadow of Destiny is one of the best classic and adventures game title, giving gamers a chance to feels different era which range from 1500s to 2100s.

In Shadow of Destiny, gamers plays a role of a 22 year old Eike who want to solve the mystery behind his own murder. The interesting part in Shadow of Destiny is that gamer has to guide Eike who is travelling in a special time machine from one era to another to find clue for solving mystery behind his muder. But they have to keep one thing in mind that whatever things they do in past era will effect in their present era as well.

In Shadow of Destiny, gamers need to work out their brain for solving various Time Wrap puzzles they come across in their journey to solve the mystery behind the murder of Eike. Each puzzle solve will give gamer a clue which will take them closer to killer. Shadow of Destiny has a number of lock multiple ending. This lock multiple ending of Shadow of Destiny can be unlock by the gamer according to their choice throughout the game.