Shadow of the Colossus PS2 vs PS3 vs PS4 Comparison Is Astonishing


Shadow of the Colossus Remake is currently in development for PlayStation 4 and it is scheduled to launch in 2018. The lack of exact release date is a clear indication that the development work is still going on and before committing an exact release date or a release window to the fans, the team wants to be pretty sure of all the things that are going on behind the closed door at the studio. For those who are unaware of, Shadow of the Colossus was first released in 2005 for PlayStation 2. It was developed by SIE Japan Studio and Team Ico. In 2011, Bluehole Games and Sony released an HD Remaster of Shadow of the Colossus for PlayStation 3. It had a lot of graphical improvements – HD Graphics, Trophies and 3D support.

Shadow of the Colossus PS2 vs PS3 vs PS4

We are still awaiting details regarding the list of graphical improvements in the Shadow of the Colossus Remake for PlayStation 4, it is expected to be made available by Sony closer to the game’s release. However, the good news is that we don’t have to wait that long some comparison screenshots or video that show us how much the game has improved graphically. Below you can watch 8 Seconds of Shadow of the Colossus gameplay showing graphical improvements – PS2 vs PS3 and PS4.

This game is surely on my list of Must Play Remaster in 2018 on PlayStation 4, in fact, it is on top of my list. Do you have the same hype and expectations from this Remake? Share your opinion with us in the game section below.

As an end note – I would like to inform you guys that Sony has officially confirmed that Shadow of the Colossus on the PlayStation 4 Pro will support two playable modes – 1080/60FPS and 4K/30FPS. It will be all up to you to decide which mode you are going to play the game.