Shenmue HD Remaster Releasing In 2017, No Details On Platforms


An anonymous source close to publication Atlus USA has revealed that the first two Shenmue games are getting HD Remaster treatment and is scheduled to launch in 2017. No other details were provided by the source, but we expect the HD remaster of Shenmue 1 and Shenmue 2 to arrive together (not separately), just a few months ahead of the official release of Shenmue 3 (which might arrive in 2018).

Shenmue HD Remaster Releasing In 2017

The details from this source sounds legit considering the fact that SEGA themselves have hinted that the HD Remaster of the first two Shenmue games are on the cards and they have registered a related domain name as well, “”.

So Shenmue fans all you have to wait for is: when exactly Shenmue HD Remaster of first two games is coming, and not IF the HD Remaster of Shenmue is in development. So do put up an alarm for E3 2017, this could be the place where we could hear an official announcement.