Shenmue III: 100 New Characters, New Battle System and Graphics Improvement


Shenmue III was first announced back in 2014 and not much is known about it since then. The development was tight and was kept under the wraps. With the released date closing in as the game is set to be released in 2018, the Director and creator Yu Suzuki has finally shared a few details about the game in an interview with Ys Net.

New Shenmue 3 Info On Battle System, New Characters And More

The game is now said to be released with the title “Then, Now and Tomorrow”. Suzuki starts by saying that he was quite satisfied with the team and the development process and he also adds that as the release date is closing the difficult part starts now, i.e. perfecting the game.

Talking about the game graphics, he is quite content with it not being at par with the AAA titles as it is better than what he had in mind. Though working with the Unreal Engine 4 was not easy, he added. He said,” Using Unreal Engine 4 has been a first for me, but it allowed for more conventional techniques than I expected, which in turn also brought with it completely new efficiencies. The graphics are certainly improved over what I had in mind. While there are of course things that would not compare to a triple-A title, they are better than what I had originally planned for and have started to come into their own.”

He also expressed his satisfaction over the game’s protagonist Shenhua, as according to him, Shenhua has become what he had imagined her to be. He said,” ell, one thing I do feel better about lately is Shenhua. You could say she is my life’s work, and along with her expressions for one, I know I must forever keep on making improvements. It is a work without end. Both Ryo and Shenhua. I think we are now at the point with Shenhua’s model that I can say it finally is something I can approve of. Now it is a matter of getting the expressions and movements right.”

Talking about the characters, the game will have 100 characters in its storyline. They have partnered with Lakshya Digital for the character models and the results are pretty promising as according to Suzuki.

The first instalment of the Shenmue franchise was the first game to introduce a new battle system with QTEs or Quick Time Events. And creator Yu Suzuki says that for this game also he wants to introduce a new and fresh battle system which will be “significantly different”.

“Well… I want to do something a little different with the battles. When it comes to fighting, there are things that I want to make my own, so I was thinking to do things a bit different from last time. We have been running some tests. It is not a game like Virtua Fighter that is about the timing. So, I hope… it will take the form of a puzzle game that anyone can play, with a strong emphasis on choreography.”

He plans on making the QTEs for this game different than the previous iterations which will offer different gameplay.

Shenmue is expected to be released in the Q2 of 2018 for PC and PS4.