New Shenmue III Video Show Progress on Facial Animation

At Gamescom 2017, Ys Net released the First Teaser of Shenmue III running on PlayStation 4, many of you can recollect this without any issue. The good thing was that the environment and surrounding looked absolutely stunning, however characters facial animations was not up to the mark and this frustrated the series fans. The massive outrage forced Yu Suzuki (Shenmue III Director) to issue a clarification on what exactly is wrong with the weird facial animations in the game. At that time, Yu Suzuki revealed the facial animations in Shenmue III are still being worked on, and whatever details showcased in the trailer were temporary.

Shenmue III Facial Animation Update From Developer

Fast forward to September 28, Ys Net has just released a 4th Shenmue III Development Update video and this time around it is dedicated to the Facial Animation. The video shows how much development progress has been made on the facial animations. “This month we have our fourth progress report from the dev room. What makes a character a character is their facial expressions, so this time we wanted to show you the progress on the facial front. Enjoy”

If you were among one of those who was worried about the Facial Animation work in Shenmue III then this is a must watch video for you.