Shinobi: Sony Bend’s PS4 Open World To Feature Black Humor, Undead, Choppers, Survival Apocalypse


That Sony Bend is working on some kind of AAA project and has been doing that for a long while now, well, it is a matter of fact and we wouldn’t doubt about that. Recently, it was even ‘spoiled’ that it was going to be called Dead Don’t Ride, although that name could be just provisional stuff and from the looks of it we wouldn’t bet about it.

Sony Bend PS4 Exclusive Horror Game

We have more details today about Sony Bend’s upcoming game, which is said to be an open world experience coming exclusively, of course, to PlayStation 4 at some point. Those details are courtesy of popular insider Shinobi602, who spilled the news first back in the days:

“I made no direct comparisons to Mad Max. It’s open world, survival apocalypse, undead, choppers, some black comedy‚Ķ”

So, we might have some sort of hilarious experience with this brand new game, with black comedy which reminds me of Brutal Legend to be honest.

The whole title, looked by Shinobi’s perspective, looks like that, really, but it seems a bit weird from Sony’s hand to bet on such a particular game as a publisher. The fact itself Shinobi is not comparing it to Mad Max, which is a much serious type of game, makes us wonder about that possibility to be true.

Would you like something like Brutal Legend? Are we reading too much into that statement? Let us know in the comments below.