Shuhei Yoshida On Xbox Scorpio: “It’s Very Very Super Interesting What They Are Doing”


PlayStation Neo still is a PlayStation 4, so Sony doesn’t really believe it is going to shorten the PS4 lifecycle at all. This idea was expressed by Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida, who recently had a chat about this topic with German website Gameswelt TV.

PS4K vs PS Neo

“PS4 is PS4. [The] new high-end PS4 is still PS4, so the lifecycle is not going to be shorter,” is specifically what Yoshida said during this interview.

Moreover, he added he was a bit surprised by Project Xbox Scorpio announcement coming this early, reiterating Sony CEO and president Andrew House statements, where he told the press he wasn’t anticipating such news to come so early in the production process of the console (which is releasing at the end of 2017).

“I was surprised [Microsoft announced Scorpio],” Yoshida said earlier in the interview, expressing his interest for the strategy in place at Microsoft. “I was not expecting them to talk about [it]. It’s very very super interesting what they are doing.”

PlayStation Neo was confirmed by House a few days before the E3 2016 kicked off and many still think, despite it didn’t show up during the Los Angeles event, the new console still has chances to launch in 2016.

Rumors we reported last week say Sony is working on two different models of PlayStation Neo, and one could come already this year to compete with the Xbox One S slim model.