Silent Hill 2 HD features new and old sets of VOICE PERFORMANCES


Konami has officially confirmed that Silent Hill HD Collection gamers will be able to play Silent Hill 2 HD with either the old voice over or with the new revised voice over work.

Silent Hill HD Collection

Konami’s Tomm Hulett and Devin Shatsky and Guy Cihi, the original voice of Silent Hill 2 protagonist James confirmed the news on Facebook. Silent Hill HD Collection is expected to launch in January for PS3 and Xbox 360.

You guys can check out the information provided below:

At the dinner: Tomm and Devin were circumspect and reserved. Monica was mysterious and beautiful. Dave and I had been partying for two days so we were already in sync and tight. We talked about our families and other personal goings on. We had a good time! At some point I got the feeling that if I didn’t ask, they weren’t going to volunteer information. So I asked Tomm about the HD Collection voices and release date. Here is what he said:

The HD Collection is on schedule for Jan 2012 release. The deadline for releasing the masters to the duplicators is like, this week. All major actors for SH2 have signed releases and so the SH2 game will offer players both voices – original and new. One SH2 actor was unwilling to sign, or had unreasonably delayed signing, but he has only two lines in SH2, so Devin and Tomm decided to use the new voice for those two lines. SH3, however, is a problem. Konami people have been unable to locate/contact Heather Morris so they cannot get her to sign a rights release. I have tried to find Heather but I was unable. If you know her contact information, please tell me ASAP otherwise SH3 will not have the original voices.

I plan to do a podcast with Dena Natali at the end of this month. I will also do an interview with Luis Ricardo de Barros later this month for Brazilian fans. Please look forward to those. My next SH2 related project will be to record a Let’s Play. Wish me luck!

THANK YOU ALL (even haters) for causing such a big stir about the SH2 voice actors. Twin Perfect’s Rosseter and Twin Perfect’s Fungo, you guys rock and deserve a special shout out. The voice comparison video definitely helped tip the scales! (Plus, my kids love it – they mimic it often.)

SH2 Fans, you have touched our hearts (Me, Dave, Monica and Donna.) You make us feel special and very happy.

We all did it together!