Silkroad Online MMORPG German Language Service announced

Joymax, a developer and publisher of interactive entertainment for the global market, today announced the launch of German language service for Silkroad Online. The release represents the fourth step in a wider plan to expand multilingual support for players worldwide, including the recent additions of Spanish, Arabic, and Turkish-language support.

“Silkroad Online players hail from dozens of different countries, and we know that it can sometimes be difficult to join a community that doesn’t speak your language,” said Jina Song, General Manager at Joymax.“We hope that each additional language service we add helps to make more and more users feel truly at home when traveling along the Silk Road.”

To give new players a proper welcome to the Silk Road, Joymax is hosting three launch events for users of the German-language version. The events, which will run until June 29, offer both in-game and real-world prizes to new adventurers who provide feedback on the official website, reach level 40 in fewer than five weeks, or visit the in-game item mall to do some virtual shopping!