Six Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC screens Leaked, new abilities and female Turian name revealed

A total of six brand new Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC screenshots has been leaked on internet which details new character abilities and name of playable female Turian.

As per details in the screenshots, we can confirmed that the name of new female Turian is “Nyreen Kandros”. Furthermore, screenshots revealed that Aria’s abilities will include “Reave, Carnage and Lash.”

In addition to these three abilities, Aria will have two brand new one called as “Biotic Strap and Rocket”. Biotic Strap will put puts enemies down with a small amount of damage.

Nyreen Kandros abilities will include “Incinerate, Overload, Lift Grenade, Biotic Protection, Turian Huntress (a passive ability)”.