Skyrim Nintendo Switch Demo Analysis: Native 720p/30FPS, Delivers An Accomplished Mobile Experience


Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is coming to Nintendo Switch, but nobody knows exactly when? We saw the first glimpse of it in the reveal trailer of Nintendo Switch, and since then neither Bethesda nor Nintendo came out openly and talked about it, in fact, they still haven’t confirmed it yet whether Skyrim for Nintendo Switch is going to be the port of the original the game or Enhanced Edition.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Nintendo Switch Performance

However, the good news is the Bethesda continues to work on it without any development issue. Recently, our friend at Digital Foundry got the chance to try out Skyrim on Nintendo Switch in handheld mode and noted down the performance. According to Richard Leadbetter, the game was running at a solid 30FPS at all times at native 720p, traversal and light combat was also tested and it all went off without a hitch.

” On the handheld screen, the title looked like it was rendering at native 720p, and while graphics comparisons aren’t really viable on the show floor – especially on mobile screens – the Switch version of Skyrim delivered an accomplished mobile experience. It’s the consistency in performance that’s really impressive, especially compared to the last-gen versions of the game. The wobbly frame-rates with hitching and stuttering during traversal and combat simply aren’t an issue on Switch: that 30 frames per second is as close to locked as you’re going to get.

But if what we played is indeed fully representative of how the final game shapes up when running in mobile mode, the Switch port of Skyrim should be well worth checking out. We’ve tried playing the game on an Intel Atom-based tablet with integrated graphics and the experience is nothing like as good as this – if you’re looking to play a fully portable Skyrim, you’re looking at a larger gaming laptop to offer the visual feature set and performance the Switch version is offering. Ultimately, 15 minutes of hands-on time with a game only goes so far – especially in a vast game like Skyrim – but what we’ve seen so far holds up really well, and we’re looking forward to taking a deeper look at the final release.”

You guys can check out the video of the hands-on session below. It gives us a brief glimpse at the loading times as well (the video below starts directly showing that).

In short, the development work on Skyrim Nintendo Switch version is going on very smooth, and the playable build that is available right now at Bethesda is all up to the mark with respect to its performance (at least in handheld mode). Bethesda and Nintendo now give at a release date for the game? that is the only thing Nintendo fans are waiting for.

Source: Digital Foundry