Skyrim Receives Creation Club, Survival Mode in Early October

Despite some ongoing controversies regarding Bethesda’s Creation Club for Fallout 4, the company is about to roll out Skyrim Special Edition’s Creation Club. And its first offering is Survival Mode, which is already available to try out on Steam.

Survival Mode works a bit like Fallout 4’s Survival Mode. The player’s character can become hungry, which decreases stamina and can impair weapon usage. Eating food replenishes hunger, and eating significant portions will earn players a “Well Fed” bonus.

There’s also fatigue, which snipes away at magicka and potions’ effectiveness as your player becomes tired. That means players will have to sleep in beds to remain well-rested, as it’s particularly difficult to have a good night’s sleep if one decides to fall asleep in the middle of the wilderness.

Players can suffer from the cold, too, damaging their health and how fast they can travel. There’s no more fast travel or health regeneration, either, and there’s also the risk of food poisoning and diseases from not taking care of oneself. Combine these challenges with some of the higher difficulty modes, like Legendary, and Survival Mode is quite a challenge for Skyrim players.

Steam users can try out Survival Mode by installing the Skyrim Special Edition Update 1.5 beta. PC players will also receive free access to Survival Mode for one week once it officially launches on Skyrim Special Edition. Meanwhile, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will have to wait until early next month, when they’ll receive free access to Survival Mode after Creation Club launches on both consoles.